10 Kitty Games Based On Bollywood Theme

I know, you want your party to be the best ever. We are back with some great ideas to make your kitty party an awesome experience for all your guest. You can implement as many as ideas from here as you like and make your get together fun and memorable.

Games on Bollywood Theme

1. Name The Movie 

Yes, this is all time hit game. Why not try it this time in your party.

Games on Bollywood Theme

How To Play 

Just Prepare a list of movies (of course as difficult so that your guests have to scratch there minds and as easy so that they can enjoy the game) with some blanks to be filled in. Take print out of it which is sufficient for all your guests. They will fill this sheet within a given time limit. One who does it first and does it right will be the winner. Some example of good movies on this list are.

  1. Love ….. ……
  2. Chachi …….
  3. Apna ……………..Money……………..
  4. …….ankhein …… hath
  5. Hum……. ……. …….Sanam.

2. Guess The Dialogue 

As Name suggests, participants need to guess the name of the movie from which the given dialogue belongs to.

Games on Bollywood Theme

How To Play 

Prepare a list movie dialogues and the participants have to guess the movie name. Some evergreen example dialogue are as below –

  1. Mere pass maa hai
  2. Thappad se darr nahi lagta sahab, pyar se lagta hai.
  3. Swagat nahi karoge humara.
  4. Uska toh bad luck hi kharab hai.
  5. Mai apni favourite hun.

3. Celebrity And Celeb Kids 

Participants have to name the kids of the celebrities and visa versa. List the name of famous celebrity kids and participants have to name their parents.

Games on Bollywood Theme

Celeb Pairs Kids
1. Kareena Kapoor & Saif Ali Khan  Taimur Ali Khan
2. Prakash Padukone & Ujjala Padukone Deepika Padukone
3. Randhir Kapoor & Babita Shivdasani Kareena / Karisma
4. Rishi Kapoor & Neetu Singh Ranbir / Riddhima
5. Smita Patil and Raj Babbar Prateik Babbar

4. Musical Colours

Do you remember childhood game tipi – tipi top. Our next game is based on that only.

Games on Bollywood Theme

Prepare a bowl full of chits having a colour name. Each participant will take a chit and everybody will have to write songs with that color. The person with maximum songs will become the winner. For example, Songs with color green –

  1. Gori hain kalaiyan, tu lade mujhe hari hari chudiyan.
  2. Dulhe ki saliyon oo hare duppte waaliyon
  3. Hum pe ye kisne hara rang dala.
  4. Neele peela hara gulabi kachha pakka rang, rang dala mera ang ang

5. Identify The Star

Prepare a poster of the movie star with their half photos and ask your players to recognize them one by one. Who answers first and gives maximum correct answers is the winner.


6. The Music Game

Remember Hum Aapke hain kaun music night. Yes, our next game is related to that with some twist.

Games on Bollywood Theme

Prepare some actions / hints / movie trivia. Asks the guests to sit in the circle and play music. A bowl or purse full of that paper chits will rotate as music is on. When the music stops, the person with bowl will open a chit from a bowl and will answer the name of the movie as per the hints are given in chit. One who is not able to answer is out of the game and one who survives last is the winner.

7. Nick Name Love

Our loved Bollywood stars are better known for their nicknames among their friends and family. Make a list of some such nicknames and asks your guest to guess the official names of those stars. This is actually going to be fun because nickname of these celebs is cute and famous like them only.

Games on Bollywood Theme

8. Filmy Jodis and their work

Games on Bollywood Theme

Prepare a list of reel life jodis and take as many printouts of it as a number of guests you will have.

Reel Life Couple                           Their Films Together                               Songs of those films

  1. Hema Malini, Dev Anand
  2. Amitabh, Rekha
  3. Aamir, Juhi
  4. Salman, Karisma
  5. Shahrukh, Kajol

A person with maximum correct answers will be the winner.

9. Filmy Puzzle

We have prepared a square for our next game. Look at this and you will understand the entire game.

Games on Bollywood Theme

Games on Bollywood Theme

10. Get Filmy – Enact A Bollywood Scene.

Make a chit of some famous movie name. Ensure that you select movies with some very famous dialogues or actions or scenes. Ask participants to take chit one by one and they have to enact any scene from the movie in their chit.


Happy Kitty !!! 🙂

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